Collection: Kettle Sets

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Our new bottom drain kettles open up a range of options to optimize your brew processes. Because there are a variety of kettle mounting options, each with different pump connection scenarios, we now sell modular kettle sets. Once you have decided on a brew stand, you can build your own ideal 1, 2, or 3 kettle recirculating brew system using one or more of our "building block" sets. To build a complete system, choose your kettle set(s) and add your choice of pump, connections, and controller: 

Using an open brew stand makes for easy access under the kettle, but you can also work with a normal table and short leg extensions. Just make sure the system is not too tall to easily reach inside - this becomes more of an issue with 60L and larger systems. Another easy and cost effective option is to bolt the kettles directly to the floor using our extension legs and foot mounting plates. Always make sure your table or stand can support the weight of the system and is secured against tipping!