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HERMS HLT Kettle Set - 85L

HERMS HLT Kettle Set - 85L

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1BKM28725Kettle Bottom Drain - 85L
1BZM21935Kettle Drilling 2 x 32.5 mm (HERMS high flow)
2EHK18907Heating Element 3,2kW Tri Clamp Version
2EHK22146Power Cable 3m H07RN-F 3G1,5
1EHM19678HERMS Coil High Flow
1EHM21817Socket 46mm For High Flow HERMS Coil
1TAK05002Butterfly Valve DN40 Tri Clamp With Trigger Handle
5TDK01720Silicone Gasket Tri Clamp 1.5" x DN40 ID 38mm
5TDK01731Tri-Clamp 1.5" Clamp
2TFK21803HERMS Coil Tri-Clamp Threaded Adapter 1″ BSP
1TFM20576Whirlpool Arm Tri-Clamp with Shaft Collar
1TFM20622Whirlpool Arm Extension Tube 6 cm x 7 cm
1TTM21506Thermowell Set Screw 13,5 cm Tri Clamp


An 85L HLT (Hot Liquor Tank) with bottom drain and accessories designed for 3-kettle, indirectly heated brewing systems (HERMS). This kettle can also be used as a combined boil kettle/HLT when setting up a HERMS Duo system. During heating, the mash is recirculated by a pump through the HERMS spiral built into the HLT. By recirculation and with an appropriate controller you can maintain the temperature and program your mash schedule by switching the heating element in the HLT.

Upon request we can supply the kit with our butterfly valve with ball handle instead of lever handle, and with EPDM instead of silicone gaskets. The HERMS spiral is installed in the front left of the kettle. This is the configuration we will use for all our design examples. If you prefer the spiral on the front right or back side of the kettle, please let us know when ordering.

Due to the variety of mounting and connection options, the set is sold without some necessary components. The choice of the brewing stand will affect how you mount the pump and connect it to the system. In the store you will find everything you need to completely assemble your dream brewing system. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when setting up your new brewery:

  • For a 3 kettle brewing system, you should recirculate the water in the HLT. The set includes a whirlpool arm for this purpose. The same pump is used for sparging. In a two kettle (duo) brewing system, you don't need a second pump, and the very small benefit of recirculating the HLT is not worth the extra cost, so you don't need to recirculate the water in the HLT. With a two-kettle system, you can use the whirlpool tube that comes with the system to refill the kettle during lautering. 
  • If using a pump for recirculation and sparging, you will need a valve after the pump outlet to control the flow rate. The Blichmann Riptide pump has an integrated outlet valve for this. For the MP-15 or other pumps, you will need to add a valve on the output side of the pump.
  • Ideally, you should pump the clear, hot water through the HERMS spiral when sparging, to clean it during the sparge.
  • It is always easiest to make external connections with silicone tubing and hose barbs. For 85L and 115L sizes, I recommend using 1" hose barbs and fittings with 19x30 mm silicone hose. Don't forget hose clamps!
  • For recirculation you need access to the bottom port. Kettle leg extensions are required for standard table tops. You can also build an open brew stand or buy one from us.
  • Because of the larger volume, this set includes two heating elements. In a 3 kettle HERMS brewery you will have a total of 4 elements. This increases the complexity of the brew controller requirements. 
  • If you purchase the kettle set with ring heating elements, you will need to install the ring elements in your kettle. For this you need a 55 mm wrench, which is not included in the set. It is available separately in the store.
  • The heating elements in this set include a 3m long connection cable with SCHUKO plug, but it is not pre-wired to the heating element. Please consult a professional electrician. You must make absolutely sure that you use a suitable RCD and a circuit breaker designed for the load!
  • Temperature control is necessary. Don't try to manually switch the heating elements, it will cause temperature overshooting.
  • With an optional EINBREW controller you can set up to 9 mash stages and have your recipe automated by the controller. By recirculating the wort during mashing, you can achieve stable mash temperatures. For an 85L 3-kettle HERMS system you need the EINBREW 3V2P high power or the 3V3P.

See the "frequently bought together" products below for some recommended additions to the set. 

System Design

For recirculation, you need access to the lower Tri-Clamp port. If you are using a regular table as a brew stand, you can easily do this with the 14 cm leg extensions (sold separately). Please note that 80-90 cm high tables may be too high to comfortably operate the kettle. Alternatively, you can bolt the kettle directly to the floor with our 45 or 65 cm leg extensions and footplates. You can attach the pump to the legs of the kettle with a pump bracket. You can also build your own brew stand or choose a high-quality brew stand from Craft Hardware in the store.

A temperature sensor to control the HLT water temperature (not included) should be installed in a thermowell inside aTee at the inlet of the sparge arm in the mash kettle. The thermowell inside the HLT kettle is for informational temperature data only. 

Volume level at the top of the HERMS Coil = approx. 37 L