Floor Mounted Brewing Systems

If you have a permanent space, mounting your kettles directly to the floor is an easy and cost-saving way to build your brewery. With the 65cm leg extensions, or any combination of other lengths, you can raise your kettle to an easy-to-use height. Our floor mounting plates are an absolute requirement for this type of installation! The kettles must be bolted to the ground.

Tip: If you can plan for a connection from the bottom drain of your kettle to a nearby sink, it will make cleaning much easier. Otherwise, you can run a hose from the bottom of the kettle into a bucket. 

If you mount your kettles directly on a rolling cart, please make sure that the cart can support the weight with a sufficient safety factor and is stable enough to prevent tipping over! 

To mount your pump and other components, you can use our leg mounting system. This allows you to place your pump and fittings at the correct height and position to make a variety of different connections. Here are some examples:

Leg clamp with pump mounted to side
Leg clamp with front mounted pump
Leg clamp with pump holder on a table top

Use the leg mounting system with aluminum profile and our Tri-Clamp mounting clamps when your fittings need extra support. 

Leg clamps with wide aluminum profile and Tri-Clamp mounting clamps. Check the position of the valve handles to make sure you can operate your valves properly
Leg clamp(s) with wide aluminum profile and Tri-Clamp mounting clamp

Leg clamp(s) with narrow aluminum profile and Tri-Clamp mounting clamps