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Whirlpool Arm Two Piece

Whirlpool Arm Two Piece

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Product Description

Add a whirlpool arm to the top port of your Craft Hardware kettle, or using our Kettle Handle Tri-Clamp Mount. The two piece design allows for rotating the lower tube for an optimal return angle. Whirlpooling at different heights is also possible by changing out the lower tube (different lengths sold separately).

Tip: Did you know you can use the two-piece whirlpool arm as a sparge arm with our kettle handle mounting clamp? See the handle clamp product description for more details.

Note: the shaft collar on the upper tube is 36mm diameter and will only fit through a DN40 Tri-Clamp ferrule! These are the ferrules installed in our Craft Hardware Kettles but seldom found on kettles from other manufacturers. The inside diameter of the more common 1.5" ferrule is 34.8mm. It will not fit through our Tri-Clamp bulkhead adapters. If you don't have a Craft Hardware kettle with a top port, you will most likely need to use the Handle Clamp to mount the arm.

The whirlpool arm is sold with one bottom tube length only, please select from the dropdown above. Additional length bottom tubes can be purchased separately here.

The height of the top tube is 22.5 cm from center of Tri-Clamp to the bottom of the tube. The bottom tube comes in 3 lengths: 6 cm, 12.5 cm, and 22 cm. All the tubes are inside diameter 15mm, outside diameter 18mm.

The exit height of the whirlpool tube will depend on your kettle height and whether the whirlpool arm is installed in the kettle top port or accessory clamp. To assist you in choosing the right length, you can refer to the following table which applies to the range of Craft Hardware kettles and both mounting options. The table shows the liter mark at which the center of the whirlpool arm exit will be located.


38 L Kettle
Whirlpool Arm Height Mounted in Kettle Mounted in Clamp
28.5 cm 8L 16L
35 cm 2L 10L
44.5 cm X X
57 L Kettle
Whirlpool Arm Height Mounted in Kettle Mounted in Clamp
28.5 cm 18L 28L
35 cm 10L 20L
44.5 cm X 8L

83 L Kettle
Whirlpool Arm Height Mounted in Kettle Mounted in Clamp
28.5 cm 33L 45L
35 cm 22L 35L
44.5 cm 7L 20L