Kettle Handle Tri-Clamp Mount


A nearly universal clamp system, used to attach our two piece Sparge Arm or two piece Whirlpool Arm to your kettle.

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A clamp that attaches to the handle of your kettle for mounting the Craft Hardware Two Piece Sparge Arm or Two Piece Whirlpool Arm. You can also make the connection between any two Tri-Clamp fittings directly in the clamp. The clamp is very stable while also allowing rotating the attached fitting. Attach or remove your Tri-Clamp whirlpool or sparge arm in seconds by releasing the Tri-Clamp, or alternatively loosening the square knob.

Fits all Craft Hardware kettles. Also works with many other manufacturers, as long as the handle is made of 8-10mm diameter rod and is mounted between 6-10cm b elow the kettle rim. The clamp is 4 cm height adjustable. Made from stainless steel with Polyamide square knob and tube clamp. Sold without accessories, those are for product demonstration purposes only.

You can quickly remove the attached accessory by lifting the clamp off of the mounting rod
The included Tri-Clamp gasket helps make a stable connection when using a kettle-mounted accessory with back-to-back Tri-Clamp flanges. This is perfect when you want to leave the arm mounted in place while disconnecting the attached hose barb.

In case you find it difficult to tighten the arm enough to hold the sparge arm in place without it rotating out of position, you can switch the location of the hex screw and the knob to enable tightening it further:

Move the knob to the bottom hole and the hex screw to the upper hole
Note, you can also quickly remove the entire sparge arm if you leave the screw a bit looser


Tip: Did you know you can use the two-piece whirlpool arm as a sparge arm with this mounting clamp? The two-piece whirlpool arm and a sparge spreader plate creates a dual use sparge/whirlpool arm when used with the clamp! The clamp allows you to rotate the arm, turn the elbow piece around, and clamp on the sparge spreader plate. You can even add a short piece of silicone tubing to get just the right height for your sparge volume.

The whirlpool arm can be converted into a sparge arm using the kettle clamp! Just add a sparge spreader plate.
Adjust the height with a short piece of silicone tubing
Turn the elbow piece around and rotate the fitting to use it as a whirlpool arm


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