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Kettle Tri-Clamp Mount

Kettle Tri-Clamp Mount

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Product Description

A clamp that attaches to the handle of your kettle to mount the Craft Hardware Two Piece Sparge Arm or Two Piece Whirlpool Arm. You can also make the connection between any two Tri-Clamp fittings directly in the clamp. The clamp is very sturdy while allowing you to rotate the attached fitting. Attach or remove your Tri-Clamp whirlpool or sparge arm in seconds by loosening the Tri-Clamp or alternatively, loosening the pipe connector screw.

Fits all Craft Hardware kettles. Also works with many other manufacturers as long as the handle is 8-10 mm diameter rod and mounted between 6-8 cm below the rim of the kettle. Made of stainless steel with polyamide tube clamp. Are sold without accessories, these are for product demonstration purposes only.

The included tri-clamp gasket provides a stable connection when using an accessory normally mounted to the kettle with back-to-back tri-clamp flanges. This is perfect if you want to leave the sparge or whirlpool arm mounted while you disconnect the attached hose barb.

Tip: Did you know that you can also use the two-piece whirlpool arm as a sparge arm with this clamp? The two-piece whirlpool arm and a sparge spreader plate create a dual-purpose sparge/whirlpool arm when used with this clamp! The clamp allows you to rotate the arm 90 degrees, and the Sparge spreader plate clamps that onto the elbow piece of the whirlpool arm. You can even add a short piece of silicone tubing to get just the right height for your mash volume.

Please note: if you want to use our kettle insulation with this product, you must have a special cutout in the insulation for the handle clamp!