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Product Description

A RIMS tube is used to mount an external heating element past which wort is circulated during mashing. It offers the benefit of faster heating ramp rates when compared to a HERMS heat exchanger, but requires additional control mechanisms and careful usage.

Our included RIMS kettle clamp fits our kettles with 9mm handle diameter and simplifies the mounting and installation of the RIMS tube. It can be used with or without kettle insulation.

I highly recommend using an interlock relay with flow sensor to prevent dry firing the element. We sell a very simple combination temperature sensor and flow sensor in our shop (a separate controller and relay is required).

  • Inner diameter 38mm
  • Outer diameter 41mm
  • Total Length 50cm
  • 1,5" Tri Clamp compatible

Never leave your RIMS tube unattended while in operation.

Important: Sufficient flow of wort must be provided at all times when the heating element is turned on. Dry firing your heating element will ruin it and in worst case can start a fire. Please consult a professional electrician regarding the installation of your heating element. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load. Even this may not prevent serious damage to equipment from a dry firing of the element.