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False Bottom for BIAB

False Bottom for BIAB

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Product Description

A high open area false bottom designed by us and laser cut in Germany using 1.5mm thick stainless steel sheet stock.

The honeycomb design maximizes the open area of the false bottom to improve wort flow for recirculating with one of our special purpose recirculating brew bags. Do not attempt to recirculate your wort with the standard mesh brew bag!

Combine this false bottom with a tall stand to protect your brew bag from melting by contact with the heating element. The tall stand is sold separately. You can find the stands for bottom drain kettles and stands for flat bottom kettles in our shop.

  • 38L / 40L size: 344 mm diameter
  • 57L / 60L size: 394 mm diameter
  • 83L / 85L size: 444 mm diameter
  • 62.33% open area
  • 1,5 mm Stainless Steel
  • Laser cut in Germany

I cannot guarantee the compatibility of this product with kettles from other manufacturers.