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False Bottom Stand for Bottom Drain Kettles

False Bottom Stand for Bottom Drain Kettles

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Product Description

Sturdy stainless steel false bottom stand, designed for different heights and kettle sizes. Only for Craft Hardware kettles with bottom drain. The individual parts are pressed together and welded in several locations for additional strength. The stand parts are laser cut in Germany and assembled in our shop in Augburg. Each stand is sold with a stainless steel eye bolt that closes the hole in the false bottom and allows for easy removal of the false bottom.

For additional stability, the 115 liter false bottom stands are made from 4 mm thick material.

If you are recirulating your mash, the false bottom requires the additional support of a false bottom stand!

The low stand is designed to provide the required support without adding any additional height to the false bottom. The false bottom will still be located as far down into the kettle as possible (just where the dome starts).

The tall stand is designed to clear both the round and straight or wavy heating elements. The false bottom will be located higher in the kettle, above the heating elements. In the 85L and 115L kettles it will be above both heating elements.

Volume level at top of stand
Short Stand
Tall Stand
40L 3.0 L 10.3 L
60L 5.0 L 15.0 L
85L 7.0 L 22.0 L
115L 8.5 L 28.0 L