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Kettle Bottom Drain - 85L

Kettle Bottom Drain - 85L

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Product Description

Finally, a bottom drain kettle for the homebrewer! Equipped with sanitary Tri-Clamp ferrules, modular to enable changes in your brewery design over time, and available with a wide range of mounting options and accessories. Opening up a range of new options for your brewing and cleaning processes, the new bottom drain kettle from Craft Hardware is the perfect addition to your existing setup or as a building block for a new brewery.

Note: leg extensions and other mounting accessories are available separately in the store! You can also opt for a fixed ring heating element, which is sold separately. The round single-tube element makes cleaning easier and provides good heat distribution. HERMS coils for HLTs are now permanently installed in the kettle wall. Add our kettle drilling service to your order if you want to install a HERMS coil!

Optimal Design

All our kettles are sold with welded DN40 Tri-Clamp ferrules, marked with a metric volume scale, and include a fitted lid. The kettles are made with 1.2mm thick SS304 Stainless steel body and welded silicone covered handles.

The bottom of the stainless steel kettle is domed and has a DN40 Tri-Clamp ferrule at the center, allowing easy drainage of the kettle. The bottom drain also facilitates removing any material that passes through the false bottom when mashing, helping you achieve clearer husk-free wort.

Tip: best practice is to install a valve directly to the bottom drain port. If you install fittings (elbows, spools etc) between the kettle and the valve, there could be unboiled wort in those fittings. This is not critical for recirculated mash tuns and HLT, but is important for the boil kettle. Keep in mind that you will need to raise the kettle on extension legs or use an open brew stand, to allow space for the valve and to operate the valve. 

The kettle legs use widely available 42.4 mm OD stainless steel tubing, which allows you to easily build you own brew stand using off-the-shelf materials, or you can choose from our range of welded options in the shop. Four legs are welded to the base with M8 female threads at the bottom of each leg for attaching a range of accessories. 

The volume scale is now etched on the side of the kettle, so you can use the kettle rotated 180 degrees. If you prefer a different position for the volume scale, please provide us a note when ordering! 

The kettle dimensions feature a height: width ratio of 1.2 which reduces your chance of boil overs compared to the typical 1:1 dimension cookware found in the gastronomy industry. The new bottom drain kettles have a brushed surface finish. We do our best to protect them during the manufacturing process but please be aware that you may find tool marks around the welded areas.


We want our equipment to easily adapt to your changing brewing processes, without expensive upgrades or replacements. You can start with a single kettle and expand your brewery over time. We have designed our kettles for maximum flexibility: the same kettle can be used as an HLT, mash tun, or boil kettle, and even a fermenter (40L and 60L size only). The kettle range is now standardized with four Tri-Clamp ports (five ports on the 80 and 115L kettles). Add a HERMS coil by drilling the appropriate holes; we also offer a kettle drilling service to help you along the way.
With our optional fermenter lids (40L and 60L kettle size only) you can convert your brew kettle into a stainless steel fermenter. You can even create the ultimate all-in-one brew system that allows you to mash, boil, and ferment all in one kettle, making for a fast and easy brew day with almost nothing to clean!


  • 1.2mm thick stainless steel 1.4301
  • Sturdy welded silicone covered handles
  • 4 Legs, 42.4 mm OD with welded M8 threaded inserts
  • 4 plastic leveling feet with M8 x 50 mm stainless steel threads
  • 85L Fill volume
  • Compatible only with internal heating element
  • Five DN40 Tri Clamp ferrules
  • Volume scale marked with 1L graduation
  • Includes lid with welded silicone covered handle
  • Brushed finish

Kettle Dimensions:

Kettle Size Diameter Height (including legs)
85 L 45 cm 61 cm

Tri-Clamp Ferrule Locations:

Ferrule Location Height * Volume Level **
1 Bottom, at base of dome 1.5 cm 0 L
2 Front (180 degrees) 14 cm 12.5 L
3 Rear right (45 degrees) 14 cm 12.5 L
4 Front right (135 degrees) 56 cm 79 L
5 Rear left (315 degrees) 17 cm 17 L
* Measured from the bottom of the feet to center of ferrule. For the bottom ferrule, it is the height from the bottom of the feet to the bottom edge of the Tri-Clamp flange.
** Volume at center of ferrule
Note: our kettles use DN 40 Tri Clamp Ferrules. The DN40 ferrule has the largest possible ID of all fittings using 50.4mm clamp. This allows a little more space, which comes in handy with a heating element. They are fully compatible with the US standard 1.5" Tri Clamp.