Kettle Hole Drilling


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Have a hole (or holes) drilled in a Craft Hardware kettle for a heating element or HERMS coil. Price is for one hole only, for a HERMS coil you will need quantity 2. In the order notes please specify the desired height and location of the hole (in degrees or clock position). I will provide a design drawing for your approval before drilling the holes.

The holes will be deburred and may have some sanding marks approximately 2-3 mm around the edge of the hole. This will be hidden by whatever equipment you are installing.

This service is provided for Craft Hardware kettles only. Previously purchased Craft Hardware kettles can be sent to us at your own cost for drilling a hole.

Hole Size

21 mm (HERMS Standard), 32.5 mm (HERMS High Flow), 42 mm (1.5" Bulkhead), 47 mm (Round Heating Element)


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