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HERMS Coil Kettle Adapter Tri-Clamp 1,5" x 1" Female

HERMS Coil Kettle Adapter Tri-Clamp 1,5" x 1" Female

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Product Description

Easily convert your high flow HERMS coil to Tri-Clamp! This specially made adapter is intended to install on the High Flow HERMS coil with 1" BSP threads when the coil is permanently installed in the kettle using the threaded lockrings. It cannot be used to install the HERMS coil through a Tri-Clamp port.

The adapter seals with a specially made half-flat silicone Tri-Clamp gasket for a perfect seal between the adapter and the coil lockring. Installs by hand for fast installation and removal (no Teflon tape or tools required). Outside the kettle you can attach any standard 1,5? Tri-Clamp fitting.

The Adapter is sold individually and includes one special half-flat silicone gasket. To install the HERMS coil you will need to purchase two of the adapters.


  • Tri-Clamp size 1.5"
  • Inner diameter: 30.4 mm
  • Thread: 1" BSPP female
  • Gasket: silicone
Note: This product is intended for use with the 1" High Flow BrewPi coil only, which is also sold here in our shop.