HERMS Coil High Flow


Stainless Steel High flow HERMS coil, 14.1 m total length, 11mm tubing inside diameter, with 1″ BSP Fittings.

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A superb high flow HERMS coil from BrewPi that uses 3 parallel loops for higher flow rate and more surface area for heat exchange. A must have for HERMS systems using our 83L kettles! The loops are low profile and sit low in the kettle so they are fully submerged for smaller batches too.

Due to the 1″ size of the fittings on the coil, it is not possible to install the coil through a Tri-Clamp ferrule. Instead it installs into your Craft Hardware 83L HERMS HLT kettle using the included Lockrings and the two pre-drilled holes in the kettle. On the outside of the kettle you can use our specially designed 1″ to Tri-Clamp adapters (available soon), which install without Teflon tape and can be easily removed for cleaning.

You can also install it in any other 45cm or larger diameter kettle by drilling your own 32,5 mm holes.

Note: This coil will not fit in the 57L kettles.


  • Total Length 14.1 meter (4.7m + 4.4m + 5.0m)
  • Height: approx 10cm
  • Inner Loop: 30 cm diameter
  • Middle Loop: 35cm diameter
  • Outer Loop: 40cm diameter
  • Tubing OD 12 mm
  • Tubing ID 11 mm
  • Fittings 1″ BSP Male

Included with the HERMS coil are 2 lock rings, 4 O-Rings, and two 1″ to 1/2″ BSP reducers.

Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 10 cm


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