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Blichmann RipTide™ Pump Tri-Clamp Version

Blichmann RipTide™ Pump Tri-Clamp Version

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New: The Riptide pump now has vent with hose barb in the pump head for venting. In addition, the stainless steel thrust washer between the impeller and the pump head is no longer used. The stainless steel washer is not longer included and should not be added to the pump. This only applies to the new pump head version.

The one and only, top of the line, no compromise, RipTide™ Brew Pump from Blichmann Engineering. Built from the ground up for homebrewers. Now with Tri-Clamp connectors! No more fussing with threads.

The pump head on this beautiful, super quiet brew pump clamps on using a 3" Tri-Clamp Clamp, disassembling for cleaning in seconds. The integrated linear flow control valve on the output side eliminates the need for an additional ball valve. The attention to details show with the included on-off switch directly on the unit, a splash proof motor, and an air vent embedded in the pump head to make priming the pump a breeze. Most importantly, this pump performs, pushing 26 L/min with 6m of head pressure and a 120C temperature rating.

We sell mounting equipment for the Riptide pump: the pump mounting set combined with the equipment mounting stand is the perfect solution for a professional installation.

  • High performance curved blade impeller and strong rare earth magnets
  • 26,5 l/min and up to 6 meter of pressure head
  • Temperature rated up to 120°C
  • Tri-Clamp head connection fully disassembles in seconds for easy cleaning
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp inlet and outlet connections
  • Totally enclosed motor; splash proof and super quiet (50 dB)
  • Integral linear flow valve for superior flow control
  • Integral air vent valve and partially enclosed impeller design allows you to prime the pump in seconds
  • Stainless steel head rotates 360 degrees to fit in virtually any installation
  • Large stable base with protective rubber feet keeps the pump from tipping
  • Convenient power switch on the base
  • Includes a 3 meter long cord with plug (220V)
  • Base acts as a cord wrap for convenient storage

An instruction manual in English and German are available online.

Note: the pump weighs in at 4.1 KG, so make sure to plan your mounting appropriately. Do not clamp the pump to other Tri-Clamp fittings without supporting it via the integrated base.

Click here for the dimensional drawing including the mounting hole pattern and spacing.

Safety note: This pump, similar to any 230 V devices operated in wet areas, should be protected by an GFI circuit breaker. Please contact a professional electrician for any further advice.