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Tri-Clamp Rotating CIP Spray Ball 1/2" BSP Male

Tri-Clamp Rotating CIP Spray Ball 1/2" BSP Male

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Product Description

A mini rotating spray ball for CIP applications.
  • Recommended minimum operating pressure: 2 Bar
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp Flange size
  • 1/2" Male BSP threads
  • Ball and stem diameter 25 mm
  • Length from face of Tri-Clamp to tip of ball 67 mm
  • Thread length approximately 10 mm
  • Material SS304

This item is also sold in a set with an extension tube for our NC Keg washer!

Do not try to use this with a low power DC sump pump, it will not work well. Here is the spray ball in action on our keg washer with the Gardena 4700/2 Inox pump: