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Thermometer Bimetal Tri-Clamp

Thermometer Bimetal Tri-Clamp

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This analog bimetal thermometer has an integrated 1.5" Tri-Clamp adapter for easy mounting in your kettle or fermenter. The face is 7.5 cm across with the Celsius scale on the outside for improved readability. There is a set screw on the back of the thermometer for offset adjustment. With only 5 cm distance from the Tri-Clamp to the thermometer face, it offers a compact solution for analog temperature measurement.
  • Tri-Clamp size: 50.5 mm = 1.5"
  • 75 mm face with glass lens
  • C/F scale -10-100C / 0-220F
  • Stem Length 6 cm from Tri-Clamp adapter to tip, 11cm overall length