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Thermowell and Float Switch Adapter

Thermowell and Float Switch Adapter

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Product Description

Especially made for our RIMS tube but could also be used in a kettle port to prevent dry firing your element.

The float switch is not capable of switching more than 0.5 amps and must be used with a separate relay to control your heating element or pump.
Because the return of the RIMS tube is most often underneath the wort level in the mash tun, water will not drain from the circuit when the pump is stopped. This would normally prevent a float switch from operating properly. To fix this we have added a small washer as counterweight that provides just enough weight to push the float down when flow is reduced to approximately 1 l/min.


  • Tri-Clamp Size: 50.5 mm = 1.5"
  • 5.5 cm long
  • 6.4 mm ID
  • Set screw for strain relief
  • Stainless steel 1.4301

Float switch:

  • Voltage 0-220V
  • switching current 0.5A
  • Temperature resistance 200C
  • Stainless steel body 1.4301
  • The float contains magnetic material
  • Screws into the Tri Clamp endcap with a silicone gasket and stainless steel nut.
  • Can be used as an NC or NO switch.