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Sparge Arm, Height Adjustable

Sparge Arm, Height Adjustable

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Product Description

A height adjustable sparge arm for your Craft Hardware kettle. Designed to be centered in the kettle; simply select your kettle size from the options above. The vertical tube can be raised and lowered during mashing, which is especially useful when brewing with a two kettle (duo) brewing system. Be careful, the tube and fittings can get hot!

The height adjustable sparge arm is also a great way to build a whole kettle filter for your boil kettle: when paired with the 400 micron brew bag, you can recirculate your wort out of the bottom of the kettle back into the brew bag, capturing hops and hot break material. After cooling the wort, you can raise the sparge arm above the wort level and continue recirculating to achieve wort aeration. 

The arm can be quickly removed from your kettle by loosening the clamping lever. Of course, the lid must be open when mashing. The kit includes all the parts shown in the second photo. Additional fittings (tees, hose barb, tubing) are available in the store.

If you want to move the arm betwen kettles, a second handle clamp is available separately in the shop. 

The following table shows the lowest position of the arm in the kettle for each kettle size.


Lowest Position in Kettle
38-40 L 10 L
57-60 L
12 L
83-85 L
17 L
114-115 L 30 L