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Silicone O-Ring Set for NC Kegs

Silicone O-Ring Set for NC Kegs

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Product Description

A set of replacement FDA Certified silicone O-rings for NC Kegs. Silicone is softer and tends to seal a bit better than NBR.

The set includes specially fabricated gray and black silicone O-rings for your keg valves, to make it easier to differentiate between the gas and liquid post! We've also included 4 dip tube O-rings instead of the required 2 because these tend to need replacement more frequently.


  • 1 Keg Lid O-ring, red silicone
  • 4 Dip tube O-rings, red silicone
  • 1 Valve O-ring, black silicone
  • 1 Valve O-ring, gray silicone
  • 2 Poppet O-rings, red silicone