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Ball Valve Quick Clean Tri-Clamp 1.5" x 1" With Drain

Ball Valve Quick Clean Tri-Clamp 1.5" x 1" With Drain

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Product Description

This special version quick clean ball valve shares the same features as the 1" Quick Clean ball valve, but adds a drain port to promote complete drainage and drying between brew sessions.

It is intended to be used when your ball valve is permanently mounted and not easily removed for cleaning (such as in CIP cleaned systems). For proper drainage the valve must be installed with the handle horizontal and the drain port facing down.

The drain port threads are M20 and seals with an included PTFE flat gasket (no Teflon tape required). We are now using this valve in our HERMS Trio Premium and HERMS Trio Deluxe systems!

For those that are serious about keeping their brewing components clean and have had enough screwing and unscrewing 3 piece ball valves. The body is clamped with a 2? Tri Clamp with a red handle to remind you not to unclamp it while in operation! 

  • Inner diameter 22.1 mm (1" Nominal)
  • Gaskets: Silicone and PTFE
  • Tri-Clamp size 50,5 mm = 1,5"
  • Length between Tri-Clamp flange faces 123 mm