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Mini Gauge 0-4 bar for Blowtie 2

Mini Gauge 0-4 bar for Blowtie 2

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Product Description

This gauge fits in the Blowtie 2 Spunding valve and offers a pressure range of 0-4 bar. These can be used for water or gas and is not tested or approved for pure oxygen.


  • Pressure: 0-4bar
  • Graduations: PSI + Bar
  • Material: Brass/Plastic/Copper Capillary
  • Gauge Diameter: 20mm
  • Probe Diameter: 7.8mm (designed to fit 8mm hole)
  • Accuracy: These gauges are accurate to 10% of the whole pressure range.  (i.e. the 0-4 bar Gauge is accurate to ± 0.4 bar).

WARNING: Do not exceed gauge pressure.  If you exceed gauge pressure it will damage the capillary in the gauge and prevent the gauge from working correctly.  NEVER exceed the maximum gauge display pressure range.