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Ball Valve 3-Way L-bore Tri-Clamp 3/4"

Ball Valve 3-Way L-bore Tri-Clamp 3/4"

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Product Description

Attention: This ball valve has a 3/4" (25.4mm) Tri-Clamp size! This is the smallest size of the Tri-Clamp flange sizes.

This 3-way ball valve is L-drilled and the ball rotates 360 degrees allowing 3 operating positions. Please make sure the available positions are suitable for your application. Typically with an L valve the fluid entrance would be the middle leg, with the exit on either side. Make sure you have enough clearance to rotate the handle all the way around; some fittings may obstruct and prevent normal operation. 


  • Length 101 mm
  • Inner Diameter 16mm (Nominal 3/4")
  • Tri-Clamp Size 25.4 mm = 1/2" or 3/4" 
  • Wrench Size: 24 mm
  • Gaskets: PTFE
The valve can be disassembled for cleaning. For initial disassembly you will want to use two wrenches, or place the valve in a vise. Re-tighten it with a wrench when reassembling, to prevent unwanted leaking by accidentally rotating of the attached fittings.