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Kettle Insulation for Flat Bottom Kettles

Kettle Insulation for Flat Bottom Kettles

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Product Description

For flat bottom kettles only!

Select your size and kettle type above. Please note:

  • If you use the height adjustable sparge arm or Kettle Handle Tri-Clamp Mount with your kettle, you must order the "with handle accessory cutout" version, as we provide an additional cutout for the handle mount.

The new and improved kettle insulation designed specifically for Craft Hardware kettles of all sizes. Our new design has a one-piece insulating layer of LDPE foam cut to easily wrap around your kettle and a second protective outer jacket with a Velcro closure. The insulation is absorption resistant and easy to clean with a wet sponge. The outer jacket is water repellant and machine washable.

A much more robust alternative to our previous Armaflex based product, this product has a very low thermal conductivity (10C) of 0.039 W/mK. Even better, the PE and Polyester materials are more environmentally friendly than Armaflex, Neoprene, or other insulation materials, which require special disposal. The PE foam is made in Germany and is recyclable. The outer polyester jacket is also made in Germany, from 100% recycled post consumer products such as PET bottles.

  • Insulation material: closed cell low density polyethylene (LDPE) foam. Made in Germany. Recycling code 4
  • Outer jacket: 100% recycled polyester (PET). Certified to the German Öko-Tex Standard
  • Temperature resistance: PE insulation +100C, outer jacket 70C
  • Outer jacket is machine washable cold at 30C. Do not tumble dry.

The product includes a round PE cutout for your lid. We also have a matching insulation trivet / coaster for the bottom of the kettle in the shop.

To install, simply wrap the PE insulation around the kettle, starting in the front, with the joint in the back. Then wrap the outer jacket and pull it tight while closing the Velcro.

  • Do not use the insulation with a gas burner! It is only intended for use in electric brewing applications. 
  • The PE insulation will shrink after several heating and cooling cycles, and you may see a gap in the insulation of up to 1cm when cold. This is normal! When it is heated again, the foam will expand to close the gap. 
  • We cannot supply insulation for kettles from other manufacturers.