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Kettle Fermenter Lid

Kettle Fermenter Lid

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Convert your 40L or 60L Craft Hardware kettle to a fermenter with this specially designed lid and clamp. Now you can operate the ultimate all-in-one brewery: mash, boil, and ferment all in the same vessel - with no cleanup on brew day! Our kettles are rated to 0,3 bar pressure so you can provide light pressure for transferring your beer. With our blow-off cane, racking arm, and other Tri-Clamp accessories (sold separately) you can add all the options you need to fit your process.

Not available for the 85L or 115L kettles.

This setup is great for non-temperature controlled fermentations (such as using Kveik yeast or in a cold cellar). You can also install a HERMS coil in the kettle to connect to your glycol chiller, if you have one. Very careful planning is required if you want to place the kettle in a fermentation fridge. I recommend a rectangular chest freezer instead, to allow space for the fittings and heating element. The height may require an additional height collar on the freezer, and of course you need appropriate temperature control - but its a great DIY option. Always be extremely careful when carrying a full fermenter - it is best done with two people!

If you want to use one of the top ports for a hop dropper, I recommend using the 2" to 1.5" conical Tri-Clamp adapter and installing a 2" hop dropper set (available elsewhere) on top of that. Hops tend to get caught in the DN40 butterfly valve.

Do not use the included Pressure release valve as a spunding valve! It is intended only as a safety valve for a pressureless fermentation and during transfer.

The set contains:

  • Lid
  • Gasket
  • Clamp
  • Safety valves


  • Stainless steel 1.4301
  • Clamp with hand tensioner
  • Silicone gasket (blue)
  • 2 DN 40 Tri-Clamp ferrules welded in
  • 2 silicone handles welded on
  • TÜV safety valve 0,2 bar fixed and sealed, brass