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Kettle Hole Drilling

Kettle Hole Drilling

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Have a hole (or holes) drilled in a Craft Hardware kettle for a heating element, bulkhead, or HERMS spiral. The price for HERMS spirals includes two holes. The price for heating elements and bulkhead fittings includes only one hole. 

We recommend using our standard hole positions. This ensures compatibility with all our fittings and system designs. 

Ring Heating Elements:

We install the ring heating elements as low as safely possible in the kettle. Because of the size of the screw fitting, they are about 4-5 mm above the centerline of the lowest kettle ferrule. 

In our 40L and 60L bottom drain kettles, the standard location is in the rear left side of the kettle at 315 degrees. For the 85L and 115L kettles, the ring element(s) will be installed 45 degrees offset from each other in the rear of the kettle, at 337.5 degrees and 22.5 degrees. The top heating element will be installed 1.5 cm above the lower element. This ensures they can still be easily cleaned. 

HERMS Coils:

The standard location is on the front side of the kettle at either 135 degrees (front right side) or 225 degrees (front left side).  When ordering holes for the HERMS spiral, please specify whether you want the spiral on the left or right front of the kettle. The HERMS coils are installed approximately 1 cm above the heating element. 


If you prefer your own hole positions, just specify that when ordering. I will provide you with a drawing for approval before drilling the holes.

The holes will be deburred and may have some grind marks 2-3mm around the edge of the hole. This will be hidden by the installed hardware. This service is provided for Craft Hardware kettles only. Previously purchased Craft Hardware kettles can be sent to us at your own cost for drilling a hole.