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Keg Washer

Keg Washer

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Product Description

The new Craft Hardware Keg Washer is suitable not only for NC kegs, but also for standard Euro kegs and more. The kit includes a bucket stand and a washer body to connect to the pump of your choice. The Keg Washer is sold without the pump and bucket (pictures are for demonstration purposes only). I recommend using a 30 gallon bucket, such as the Auer brand buckets widely available on the homebrew market.

The washer assembly has a 1/2" female BSP thread at the bottom for connection to the pump of your choice. The included stainless steel NC ball lock fittings with John Guest push fittings can be connected to all NC keg gas and liquid valves to clean them during the cleaning process. When these not connected, such as when using a Euro keg, they remain watertight and do not need to be removed from the washer. To clean tubing or ball lock disconnects, you can close the vertical tube with the included self-sealing PVC cap. We sell an NC ball lock disconnect cleaning adapter and other tubing adapters to make many kinds of connections. 

The stainless steel extension tube is 30 cm long, and either a rotating spray ball (high pressure version) or a hose nozzle (low pressure version) is connected to it. You can extend or reduce the range of the Keg Washer for different size containers by adding any combination of 1/2" BSP pipe nipples.

I recommend using the rotating spray ball only with pumps that can deliver at least 1 bar of pressure. With lower pressure pumps, it is better to use the hose barb, which directs a stream of water to the bottom of the keg and then washes down the walls. With the rotating spray ball and a high pressure pump, you'll get much better mechanical cleaning! You can also remove the spray ball/hose nozzle and attach a 1/2" tri-clamp adapter to clean all your tri-clamp valves, hoses and fittings. Many submersible pumps are not necessarily food grade, so you'll want to rinse out the keg with some fresh water after cleaning.

The bucket stand is made of solid stainless steel tubing with thermoplastic tube connectors and will fit bucket sizes up to about 45 inches in diameter.

There are many options for a pump, such as the Bacoeng Baco-4000 pond pump (available at Amazon) for use with the low pressure Washer. For extra cleaning power, you can use a high pressure pump with the rotating CIP ball - an example pump for this is the Gardena 4700/2 INOX, which delivers 4700 L/hr at up to 2.3 bar. If you use the Gardena 4700/2 Inox pump, you can mount the keg washer with the optional 1" pump adapter.