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Keg Dry Hop Filter 7 x 30 cm

Keg Dry Hop Filter 7 x 30 cm

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This 300 micron stainless steel hop filter fits perfectly inside you NC or CC soda keg and works great for dry hopping. It is 30cm tall and 7cm wide and great for hop pellets, fruits, wood, or herbs. Use caution when opening and closing the filter as the filter is not reinforced vertically. Twisting too hard can bend the filter.

The lid perforations are about 1.8mm wide which tends to let more hop material out than I prefer. For that reason, this filter set includes a food grade silicone gasket that you can place inside the lid to seal it off. You won't find this on most other widely available hop filters! You can use it with or without the seal as you prefer. The video below demonstrates the difference: