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Keg Lid (NC) With CO2 Post

Keg Lid (NC) With CO2 Post

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Product Description

A replacement lid for NC kegs, with a keg post welded into the lid. It includes a ball lock gas post, short CO2 tube, o-ring, and pressure relief valve.

These are useful when you want to simplify the floating dip tube connection by installing it outside the keg. Also good when you are using our keg thermowell and need a third keg post.

Note: if you want to install our keg thermowell in the lid, the thermowell is too long and does not allow the lid to be installed together with the keg lid. You can only install the thermowell once the lid is on the keg. To remove the lid, you will first need to remove the thermowell. If you want a shorter thermowell that can be permanently installed in the lid, I can make one for you. The longest possible length is 25 cm to still allow permanent installation.