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Heating Element 3.2kW Tri-Clamp

Heating Element 3.2kW Tri-Clamp

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Product Description

Updated design: the Tri-Clamp flange and ground lug are now fully integrated into the heating element, making installation much easier! The element cable housing is a high quality, smooth, two piece SS304 design threaded for a PG16 cable gland (included). The Tri-Clamp flange is not removable so the element will not work for non-Tri-Clamp 1" threaded applications.

Our 3.2kW heating element works well with our entire range of kettles. For the 83L and 114L kettles I recommend using two elements per kettle for boiling. If you will be using this to boil your wort along with our steam condenser, make sure you have a controller capable of reducing the power input! 3.2kW is too much power when used in conjunction with a steam condenser.

  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp flange
  • Voltage 230V
  • Current 14A
  • Power 3200W
  • Watt Density 11 w/cm2
  • Stainless tube with 8mm diameter
  • 31cm long

Sold with an PG16 cable gland that has a clamping range of 9-14mm. This can be too big for some 3x1.5mm cables but does fit well with both the 3x1.5 and 3x2.5 cables sold in our shop. 

Please note, the element cable housing is not waterproof, take care not to spill water or wort onto your heating element. Always install the element with GFI protection.

Important: please consult a professional electrician regarding the installation of your heating element. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load.