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Butterfly Valve 1.5" / DN40 Replacement Silicone Gasket

Butterfly Valve 1.5" / DN40 Replacement Silicone Gasket

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Product Description

This replacement silicone gasket will fit both handle versions of our DN40 Tri-Clamp butterfly valves as well as our 1.5" butterfly valve (the DN40 and 1.5" valves use the same gasket). Easily replace yours when it gets torn or damaged.
  1. remove the set screw from the handle. Pull the handle off
  2. loosen and remove the 4 bolts holding the valve body together
  3. Remove the valve stem with seal
  4. Remove the seal from the stem. Squeeze the gasket into an oval shape and remove it from the short side of the stem.
  5. Place the new gasket on the stem.
  6. Rebuild in reverse order!