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EPDM O-Ring Set for NC Kegs

EPDM O-Ring Set for NC Kegs

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A set of replacement set of FDA / EC1935-2004 certified food safe EPDM O-rings for NC Kegs. EPDM had much lower oxygen permeability compared to silicone. This means less oxygen uptake and higher resistance to absorbing off-smells and off-flavors, perfect for longer term storage.

EPDM is less compressible and is only recommended for NC kegs that are still in good condition. Bent posts or damage to the lid or neck can prevent a good seal with EPDM. Always check for leaks after replacing your O-rings!

The set includes one lid, four dip tube, 2 Valve, and 2 poppet O-rings. We've included 4 dip tube O-rings instead of the required 2 because these tend to need replacement more frequently.

  • Hardness 70 Shore A
  • FDA - EC1935-2004 certified food safe
  • Temperature rating -40 ºC to 150 ºC
  • Peroxide cured