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Product Description

A bespoke electronic controller with process management to help get your brew right every time! EINBREW controllers combine accurate temperature control and timing with stage and hop alarms to give you an enhanced brewing experience. The 3V2P is used to control the heat and timing of a 3 vessel, 2 pump system. This version of the controller is perfectly suited for our HERMS Trio system. Running your Craft Hardware electric brewery is easy with the EINBREW 3V2P.

The custom controller from EINBREW - made in the UK - lets you setup your brewing recipe before you start, with support for up to 9 mash stages and 9 hop insertions. Convenient audible alarms alert the brewer to important events and step changes during the brewing process: mash-in, mash-out, boiling, hop insertions and cooling. The system automatically controls to your set temperatures, and rests for the times you define. A custom control algorithm helps to prevent overshoot and oscillation. Attention to small details such as the pump ventilation cycling and boil detection feature show that this product was built for serious homebrewers.

The 3V2P Supports two heating elements (consecutive, not simultaneous usage) of up to 14A @ 230V. Because the 3v2p does not allow use of both heating elements simultaneously, a double batch (i.e. starting the second batch while the first batch is boiling) is not possible.

The controller includes:

  • 3 PT100 temperature probes (3m)
  • 1 C19 power lead (3m)
  • 2 C20 plugs for the heating element
  • 2 C14 to Schuko plug adapters (1m) for the pump
  • User instructions in English

The EINBREW 3V2P is CE marked and conforms to all relevant EU legislation.

Important: to use this controller you will need to wire your heating element to the supplied C20 plug. Please consult a professional electrician. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load.

More information at or via the links below:

Note: this product will drop ship directly from the manufacturer.