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Custom Welded Tri-Clamp Port

Custom Welded Tri-Clamp Port

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Product Description

We will weld a Tri-clamp port DN40 (1.5" ID 38mm) into the sidewall of your Craft Hardware kettle. The price is per port. Not available for other manufacturers kettles. Not available for larger Tri-Clamp sizes. Please note delivery time is 2-3 weeks, we need to schedule the workshop time accordingly. I will provide you with a drawing for approval prior to welding. If you already have a Craft Hardware kettle, you can send it in for welding service at your expense.

Please specify the angle and height of the Tri-Clamp port in the order notes. Pay attention to the following restrictions!

Angle coordinate in degrees (see picture below).

  • The minimum angular distance between two Tri-Clamp nozzles is 30 degrees.
  • Remember to consider the appropriate projection into the kettle when designing your kettle. At 30 degree spacing, it is possible for two fittings to touch inside the kettle. All of our fittings are designed for full compatibility at 45 degrees, so I recommend you keep 45 degrees as a minimum.

Height measured from the bottom of the feet to the center of the spigot (bottom drain kettle), or from the outside bottom of the kettle (flat bottom kettle).

  • The minimum vertical distance between two nozzles at the same clock position is 14 cm.
  • Minimum height
    • Flat bottom kettles, all sizes: 5 cm
    • 40L kettle: 11,5 cm
    • 60L kettle: 12,5 cm
    • 85L kettle 14 cm
    • 115L kettle 14 cm
Example of configuration parameters for the kettle shown above:

Port 1: 180 degrees, 28cm
Port 2: 210 degrees, 14 cm