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Floating Dip Tube (NC)

Floating Dip Tube (NC)

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Product Description

Always dispense your beer from the top of the keg with this floating dip tube. While the yeast and hop material settle on the bottom of the tank over time, you will enjoy clearer beer by pulling it from the top of the keg. The stainless steel float holds the silicone tubing in place just below the beer level.

Our floating dip tube set includes a stainless steel counterweight to keep the end of tube below the beer level and prevent sucking in air or foam. It also includes a BfR / FDA approved silicone tube which is made in Germany. Finally, there is a short dip tube with o-ring included, so you don't have to cut your liquid dip tube short. The float is approximately 42.3 mm in diameter.

To install, remove the existing long beer dip tube from the keg and replace with the included short dip tube. Carefully push the silicone tubing over the ball float tube adapter. Insert into the keg and from within the keg, attach the other end of the silicone tubing to the short beer dip tube. This last step can be very frustrating but it is definitely doable. You can make installation much easier by installing the floating dip tube in a special replacement lid found in our keg lid & floating dip tube set.

See the floating dip tube in action in our demo keg: