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Dry Hopper Tri-Clamp 3"

Dry Hopper Tri-Clamp 3"

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The 3" version of our dry hopper is built from high quality Craft Hardware components and includes our 3" end cap with two NC valves. To dry hop with miniumum oxygen ingress, connect the unit to your fermenter and fill the chamber with hops. Install the end cap and purge the chamber by filling with CO2 and releasing through the PRV several times. You can also purge with fermentation CO2 by very slightly opening the valve. Note, the liquid NC valve on the end cap is not used for the dry hopping process.

  • Total length 29.5 cm

Sold with silicone Tri-Clamp gaskets. Let us know when ordering if you prefer to have EPDM Tri-Clamp gaskets with the set and we will provide these instead of silione at no extra charge. 

The 3" dry hopper can be combined with our Tri-clamp conical 3" to 2" or 3" to 1.5" reducers to use on smaller fermenter Tri-Clamp ferrules.