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Hole Punch 41 mm

Hole Punch 41 mm

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Product Description

A 41mm hole punch for our bulkhead fittings. This 41 mm hole punch can be used to make the hole in your lid or kettle for your Tri-Clamp bulkhead fittings. Maximum stainless steel thickness: 1.5 mm.

It works with all of our 1.5" bulkhead fittings, hop port, and the steam condenser lid adapter. 

You will need to drill a 16mm pilot hole for the hole punch. You will also need a 24 mm wrench. In the link above you will find step-by step instructions for the lid hole. Drilling a hole in your kettle will be much the same.

Always drill slowly and wear protection. If the drill bit catches you lid and it spins, you can cut your hand on the edge of the lid.