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BIAB Strap

BIAB Strap

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Product Description

The tension strap helps to hold a BIAB bag to the kettle when in use. You can also use it to attach your own DIY kettle insulation to your brew kettle or fermenter.

The strap is made by Arno-Remmen in Sweden with the original stainless steel Arno buckle and stainless steel loop. Sewn from polyester webbing (PE) for extra durability.


  • Polyester webbing
  • Stainless steel buckle and loop
  • 18mm wide
  • 175cm long

The straps are sold in one length only and are long enough to fit around the circumference of a 50cm kettle. For smaller kettles, I recommend shortening the strap and melting the end with a lighter or match. Leave enough ribbon so you can pull it effectively!