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Adapter Tri-Clamp 2" x DIN 11851 IG DN50

Adapter Tri-Clamp 2" x DIN 11851 IG DN50

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Product Description

Tri-Clamp to DIN 11851 male threaded adapter. Includes a DIN nut which is captured on the fitting (cannot be removed). This is an adapter with a straight bore. The inside diameter is identical on both sides of the fitting. The inner diameter may differ slightly from the DIN standards, but these will work with all standard DIN gaskets.

  • Female thread DIN 11851 RD 78 x 1/6"
  • Nut outer diameter 92 mm
  • Cone Outer Diameter 68.0 mm
  • Tri-Clamp size 64 mm = 2″
  • Inner diameter 47.5 mm
  • Length 49.3 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel 1.4301