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Racking Arm Tri-Clamp 3/4" 90°

Racking Arm Tri-Clamp 3/4" 90°

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Product Description

This Tri-Clamp racking arm has a handle that makes rotation easier and also indicates the current position of the arm in the fermenter.

  • Inner diameter 16 mm
  • Tri-Clamp size 50.5 mm = 1.5"

This fitting is suitable for all bottom drain kettles, either with ring element or with straight elements. At the lowest point in the kettle after draining the following volumes remain in the domed bottom:

Kessel Volume
40L 1.5 L
60L 3.6 L
85L 4.2 L
115L 5.2 L


Other dimensions are shown above. This fitting will not work as a dip tube in our flat bottom kettles, it is too tall and will hit the bottom of the kettle. You can however use it as a whirlpool tube in any of our kettles.