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Racking Arm Tri-Clamp 3/4" 45°

Racking Arm Tri-Clamp 3/4" 45°

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Product Description

This Tri-Clamp racking arm has a handle that makes rotation easier and also indicates the current position of the arm in the fermenter.

  • Inner diameter 16 mm
  • Tri-Clamp size 50.5 mm = 1.5"

This fitting is suitable for all bottom drain kettles, either with ring element or with straight elements. When used with a straight element you can rotate the fitting 360 degrees. With a ring element, the fitting will not go past 90 degrees as it will hit the heating element.

To make the rotation easy, use a PTFE gasket. Loosen the clamp 1/4 turn and rotate, then tighten. Always be careful! 

At the lowest point in the kettle, the following volumes remain in the domed bottom after draining:

Kettle Volume
40L 1.2 L
60L 1.0 L
85L 1.4 L
115L 2.0 L


Note, in the 40L kettle the outlet will hit the bottom of the kettle, it cannot be rotated completely vertically down.

Other dimensions are shown above. This fitting will not work as a dip tube in our flat bottom kettles, it is too tall and will hit the bottom of the kettle.