Polyethylene Tubing 8 x 2 mm


8x2mm Polyethylene Tubing, used in our Fill Station Bottle Filler

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Inner Diameter 4mm. Mainly used as a filling tube, Can easily be cut into the used length with a knife. Sold in 1 meter lengths. If you order quantity 2 you will receive a 2 meter length of tubing.

  • Tube material polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • 8mm outer diameter
  • 4mm inside diameter
  • maximum working pressure 16 Bar at 20C
  • minimum bend radius 30mm
  • made from FDA approved materials and is NSF International certified

The tubing is suitable for CO2 and also as a beer feed from the keg to the Fill Station bottle filler: the small inner diameter creates additional resistance to slow the beer fill rate and help reduce potential foaming.

Weight0,05 kg
Dimensions100 × 0,8 × 0,8 cm


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