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Our flagship bottle filler. Built using sanitary construction and simple to use.

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A first of its kind Tri Clamp based bottle filler. Sanitation, simplicity, and results were at the top of the list when designing this unique bottle filling station.

Fill your bottles in comfort using the Fill Station. It has a sturdy stainless steel construction, hand adjustable fill height, and a set it and forget it exit valve. The beer and CO2 tubing is connected via special valve integrated 7/16″ NC adapters, and the exit valve includes a stainless steel drain tube.


Successfully planned, brewed, fermented, lagered, ready to drink. How frustrating would it be to ruin your beer at the last mile of the marathon! Protect your beer from infection when filling.

The Fill Station is designed to minimize dead space, remove unreachable corners, and reduce the amount of threads where bacteria can hide. Using Tri Clamp components, you can clean the fill head from the inside out. Disassembled within seconds, there are no corners you can’t reach with a pipe brush. Even the ball valves can be fully disassembled for proper cleaning around the ball.

Whether filling for a gift, for competition, or just for safekeeping, choose a filler that is designed for cleanliness. Protect your precious beer!

Clever Design

We made a bottle filler that has fewer parts, is simple to setup, adjust, and clean, and simply works.

The heavy duty stainless steel base is designed to sit at the front of your filling table. Set the bottle height and you’re ready to go. The stand is just flexible enough to easily accommodate the bottle while creating sufficient downward pressure to hold the bottle in place and prevent leakage. No complicated hinges or swing mechanism. It just works.

The combination CO2 and beer fill tube flushes oxygen from the bottom of the bottle while allowing your beer to gently fill from the bottom up. The fill tube is made from food safe and inexpensive low density polyethylene. It is reusable and easy to clean, and if scratched or damaged very easy to replace.

The stainless steel mini ball valves are retrofitted with a stainless steel NC adapter (7/16″-20 UNF threads). To disassemble and clean the ball valve, unscrew the NC adapter with a 17mm wrench and the ball and gasket can be completely removed for cleaning and drying.

For different bottle heights, raise and lower the fill head in seconds. Then just pull out the fill tube and replace it with a different length piece to reach the bottom of the bottle. For wider bottles or 5L party kegs, other size silicone stoppers are available in the shop – any stopper with a 9mm hole should work fine.

During your first fill, set the exit valve for a steady and sufficient fill rate. Just leave it as is for subsequent fills. The ball valve will not clog with foam – a common problem with needle valves – so the pressure can safely escape and prevent foam shower when removing the bottle from the filler. Any overflow foam or beer can be routed through the stainless steel exit tube into a nearby container or sink.


When used correctly, your bottles will fill with very little foam on top.

From a design perspective, reducing the hard corners and unnecessary change in diameter in the path from keg to bottle, the chance for agitation and release of CO2 as foam is minimized. We’ve done what we could with our design to set the stage for the best results possible. Here are a few more tips for success:

  • Use 4mm ID tubing for the beer side. The small inner diameter creates additional resistance to slow the beer fill rate and help reduce potential foaming.
  • Keep the keg and filler at the same pressure. Use a simple splitter in the CO2 feed so there is no pressure difference between the two.
  • Chill your beer below drinking temperature before filling. 2-3C is a good setpoint. Remember to adjust your CO2 to prevent overcarbonization at lower temperature.
  • Keep your bottles as well as the fill head cold for best results. Just stick the assembled fill head and bottles in the fridge next to your beer for a while before filling.
  • Don’t fill too fast. Fast filling means a larger pressure differential in the bottle that can release CO2 from the beer. Slower is better.

Yes you can very successfully fill just a few bottles at a time on short notice without taking any of the additional steps mentioned above. If you are able to plan ahead, I recommend them anyways to increase the performance of the filler.


  • Total height 47cm
  • Max bottle height 38cm
  • Min bottle height 16cm
  • Max bottle width ca 14cm
  • All stainless steel design except for parts mentioned below
  • Includes 1m Polyethylene fill tube 8×2 mm, can be cut to length
  • Includes NC hose barb gaskets
  • Cast Aluminum tube connector and clamping lever, with stainless steel screws
  • POM-C bottle base plate
  • Silicone tri-clamp gasket
  • Silicone bottle stopper for 26mm bottles.
  • Makrolon safety shield with thermoplastic flange tube clamp

To use the bottle filler, you need to connect one tube from the fill head to your beer keg and one tube from the fill head to your CO2 regulator, manifold, or T-Splitter. Appropriate jumper tubes are sold separately in the shop for most commonly available kegs and connections.

You can connect any 7/16″-20 (NC) connector directly to the fill station. If you decide to use a metal hose barb and swivel nut (left), you must use a conical NC gasket, these are included with the filler. With the plastic John Guest (right) or NC Duotight connectors, the gasket is optional.

The filler is sold without connection tubing or adapters. The fill head accepts only NC fittings with 7/16″-20 UNF thread size, commonly found on NC Keg ball lock disconnects. 

Always use the filler with the included safety shield. Accidentally filling bottles with too much pressure, or filling damaged bottles, can cause the bottle to burst.

For detailed usage and cleaning instructions please see the Fill Station user manual.

See the Fill Station in action below:


Weight5,8 kg
Dimensions46 × 18 × 15 cm


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