False Bottom Stand 38L Short


Short stand for our 38L (347mm) false bottom. Includes an o-ring to seal the dip tube where it penetrates the false bottom

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The low stand is intended to be used with our Craft Hardware dip tube. It allows the mash bed to sit close to the bottom of the kettle while still allowing the wort to circulate freely beneath the false bottom. The false bottom will sit approximately 1.7 cm from the bottom of the kettle. Includes an o-ring to seal the dip tube where it passes through the false bottom.

The individual pieces are pressed together, not welded. It is nevertheless a very tight fit, and it is not intended to be disassembled for cleaning.

  • Manufactured from 2.0 mm thick laser cut stainless steel sheet metal.
  • 32.7 cm wide, 1.5 cm tall

Due to the curvature at the base of kettles made by other manufacturers, I cannot guarantee the compatibility of this product with kettles from other manufacturers.

Weight0,22 kg
Dimensions32,8 × 32,8 × 2 cm
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