Corny Keg Thermowell


A very long thermowell for fermenting in Cornelius style NC or CC keg fermenters.

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We take a normal NC Keg liquid dip tube and weld the end closed completely airtight. This is now the perfect thermowell for a temperature sensor of your choice to measure the temperature inside the fermenter! The total length is approximately 50cm.

To install: Unscrew the keg post of your choice and remove the existing dip tube from the keg. Insert the thermowell. Remove the valve poppet and spring, and screw the now open valve post back onto the keg. Now you can insert your temperature sensor at the height of your choosing. Works for sensors up to 6 mm in diameter.

If you need a third post on your keg for the thermowell, we sell replacement lids with a gas post.

If you are using a refrigerator for fermenting temperature control, you can use this product to make sure you are achieving the right temperature inside the fermenter.

When you are finished using it, you can simply replace the original fittings and use the keg as normal.

Includes thermowell and o-ring. Does not include temperature sensor.

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 40 cm


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