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Craft Beer – what’s that now?

Growing up in the US, you took what you could get when it came to beer. Luckily, as a teenager in the 1980’s San Francisco area, we had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. We didn’t know back then that we were part of a craft beer revolution in America. We just knew it was good.

In 2004 my U.S. employer sent me to Bavaria to commission and maintain solar photovoltaic power plants. I have stayed ever since. I liked it here, and they had high quality lagers. However…

…now be honest. Have you ever gotten bored drinking a Helles? If you had to eat the same meal every day, wouldn’t you go crazy? We all still love a good Helles now and then. But it is a love for beer in all its shapes and forms that drives us to make our own beer, even in the fatherland of beer.

Americans are known to change career paths often. It keeps life interesting, especially when you are pursuing a passion. I love to drink beer. And make things. Especially to make beer, but also to make things that make beer. And so Craft Hardware was born.

Homebrewers are the engine of the craft beer revolution! We saw it in America and if you look carefully enough you can see it here.

So let’s go make some beer. Different beer, interesting beer, good beer, any beer. Share it with your friends. Show them the way. We will change the way people think about beer. And we will drink very good beer.

RDWHAHB: Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew!


My wife says that I am “German inside”, and I take that as a high compliment. Unfortunately my language skills do not meet that standard, so please excuse my very poor grammar on this web site.