Wir stellen den Braukessel der nächsten Generation vor!

Introducing the Next Generation Brew Kettle

Finally, a bottom drain brew kettle.

I've had quite a few customers contact me requesting the addition of a bottom drain to their brew kettle. The sandwich bottom found in our current kettle line prevents any welding in the base of the kettle. The vast majority of customers are brewing electric, and most of those use a heating element in the kettle. So in reality the sandwich bottom is not really providing any benefits for most customers. With that in mind, I decided to develop a brand new line of kettles with some exciting new features:

  • Domed kettle bottom
  • Centered Tri-Clamp drain in the bottom of the kettle
  • 42.4 mm kettle legs with M8 female threads and numerous adapters and extensions
  • Welded handles - no more rivets
  • Optional fermentation lid and clamp
  • Brushed finish
  • One universal Tri-Clamp port configuration for all kettles
  • New kettle volumes: 40L, 60L, 85L, 115L

Indeed, our new kettles will have a Tri-Clamp port centered in the bottom of the kettle, which is now domed. This combination provides some nice benefits. Any grain husk and particulate passing through the false bottom when mashing can be pumped out and back into the grain bed. You also get improved trub separation in the bottom of the kettle after boiling. Naturally, the bottom port allows full drainage of the kettle, great when cleaning. And finally, you also have a mounting point for fittings directly underneath the kettle, saving space in the front.

Having a bottom drain requires a little rethinking of your brew table or stand. We kept this in mind, and designed our kettle legs for maximum flexibility. Not only will we provide a wide variety of mounting options and leg extensions. By using industry standard 42.4 mm tube size, you can get creative and build your own brew stand using widely available stainless steel glue together push fittings and tubing. Prefer to use aluminum strut? We've got you covered, just use our fitted leg adapters which screw into your profile and set the kettle in place.

The domed bottom requires using legs on the kettle, we've included four short legs with welded M8 female threads in our design. You can set it directly on your table if you don't need to use the bottom port when brewing.

With our short leg extensions you can place the kettle on your brew table and have room to connect everything underneath.

Our longer leg extensions with floor mount adapters allow direct mounting of the kettle to your brewery floor or rolling cart

You can also mount the kettle to an aluminum profile brew stand with fitted leg adapters.

Or you can opt for a custom built brew stand.

And for the DIY enthusiasts, you can glue or weld together your own stand using widely available 42.4 mm fittings.

Our new fermentation lid with gasket and ring clamp converts your 40L or 60L kettle into a fermenter. For the ultimate all-in-one simplicity you can mash, boil, and ferment in the same device with nothing to clean on brew day!

The mounting options are endless!


We are just as excited about our new kettle line as you surely are. Our new kettles are on the way! Keep an eye on the product page for more information.

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