Brautag: HERMS Duo

Brew Day with the HERMS Duo

Experience an abbreviated brew day with the HERMS Duo electric brewing system in the video below. I'm brewing 35L of a 17.5P DIPA using the new EINBREW 1V1P system controller and the Craft Hardware Steam Condenser.

This video is in English, I hope the German viewers can still understand everything! But first a few notes about brewing with the HERMS Duo, that I didn't fully cover in the video:

  1. As with any new brewing system, you'll need to brew with the system 2-3 times to really learn all the nuances. Don't be frustrated if your results vary between the first few batches.
  2. The mash tun false bottom sits on the low 2 cm stand. That is about 3L of wort under the false bottom and in the coil. To figure out your mash thickness, use your normal mash thickness and add 3L of water to that.
  3. When lautering, take your time. I usually target 1L/min. Towards the end of the lauter you will want to allow the remaining water to percolate through the mash bed before the pump runs dry. If you pump too fast, the water doesn't have as much time to rinse the bed, and you may also run the pump dry before extracting all your wort.
  4. Add enough sparge water in the HLT to cover the coil completely. If this is more than you need to lauter, drain the excess into a bucket for washing up.
  5. Because I am brewing a large batch of fairly strong beer, I lautered off the first 8- Liters of wort into a bucket which was later added to the empty brew kettle. For smaller batches this is not necessary.

If you are interested in a specific part of the brew day here are the time markers for the various steps:

Introduction 0:00
System Basics 2:06
EINBREW Controller 8:18
Preheating 13:54
Mashing 16:25
Sparge & Lauter 23:09
Boiling 40:30
Fermenter Transfer 48:23
Cleanup 52:35


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