Wort Pump MP-15 Tri Clamp Version


A magnetically driven high temperature pump that can deliver hot wort or water up to 16L/minute and temperatures up to 120C.


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Artikelnummer: EPM01921
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A strong, quiet magnetic pump for wort and water, with tri clamp connections welded onto a stainless steel pump head.

The magnetic drive of this pump allows you to throttle the flow using a valve (on the pump outlet only) without damage to the pump. The magnetic drive also prevents contamination of the circulating fluid by separating the fluid from any lubricated bearings. This pump is not self priming and should not be operated dry.

The pump head can be rotated in 60 degree increments. The pump input is through the center port.

It is designed for temperatures above the boiling point, making it perfect for whirlpooling in the kettle immediately after the boil. You can simply let boiling wort circulate through the system for a few minutes at the end of the boiling process to sterilize everything. It is also great for HERMS or RIMS systems, to circulate the wort during mashing.

The pump has no integrated on/off switch. I recommend using a switchable outlet or software based controller to easily turn the pump on and off.

  • 230v/50hz with EU plug
  • 2.4 m max pump head
  • 16L max flow rate
  • 10 watt power consumption
  • Stainless pump head with 1.5″ Tri Clamp connectors
  • Max Temperature 120 C
  • Wasser resistant housing (not waterproof)

Safety note: This pump, similar to any 230 V devices operated in wet areas, should be protected by an GFI circuit breaker. Please contact a professional electrician for any further advice.

Gewicht1.9 kg
Größe19 × 8 × 8 cm


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