BIAB Brew Bag 57L


The Brew Bag is used during mashing in place of a false bottom or lauter spiral in the so-called BIAB method. This brew bag fits with our 57L kettle.

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The „Brew Bag“ is a simple and very useful mash bag for home brewers who want to start with mash brews according to the popular „Brew in a Bag“ method. This allows you to perform whole grain brewing while keeping your equipment costs minimal and your brewery as simple as possible! I am personally a big fan of this method and use it about half the time when brewing. It’s a perfect way for beginning and experienced homebrewers alike to KISS (keep it simple, stupid)!

I recommend insulating your kettle and turning off the heater during mashing. A properly insulated kettle will hold its temp within 1-2C over the mash period. If you do want to add heat during the mash, just raise the bag above the heat source, and stir the wort while heating.

Note: These 200 micron bags do not perform well with pumping the wort – I have tested this extensively and do not recommend it! I will be testing the 400 micron brew bag shortly to see if it is a better option for pumped solutions.

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