June 8: Supply Status

Update June 8 2020: thank you all for your patience! Nearly everything is back in stock at this time. Express freight costs have increased dramatically in the last weeks and I am not planning to pass these prices along yet. I assume the freight situation will improve soon and supply chain will be back operating smoothly again. In the meantime it can still come to shortages from time to time, apologies in advance for any inconvenience. if anything is not in stock feel free to inquire about expected delivery times!

Update May 21 2020: Dear customers, thank you for your patience! Worldwide logistics continues to be a challenge. Some deliveries are arriving sooner than expected, others are taking longer. Unfortunately I am still waiting on dip tubes, HERMS adapters, and a few GDA and steam condenser parts. Good news is, according to me logistics provider, they will be arriving in Germany early next week, and after clearing customs process they will be ready for final delivery. I am optimistic these parts will be in stock again soon!

Update April 20th 2020: the first few shipments of standard fittings have arrived, the store is updated with latest stock. I’m still waiting on a few of the custom parts for the Duo and Trio brew systems, steam condenser and Fill Station. ETA on those parts is 3-4 weeks. If time allows I will custom weld some of the missing parts so that the brew pumps and steam condensers can be stocked in small quantities until the missing parts arrive. Thank you for your patience!

Update March 21st 2020: Craft Hardware is still open for business! Unfortunately many popular products are currently sold out. Honestly the timing isn’t terrible for me and my family, as I am now available to help with child care while the family is all at home. Nevertheless, I am actively engaging my suppliers to restock the store as soon as possible. The factories in China are very busy. I have multiple orders awaiting fulfillment. The first restocking order should be ready for shipping latest March 30th. There are still a few unknowns in the supply chain: Air cargo capacity is reduced due to reduction in passenger flights into Europe. One also cannot rule out additional delays due to customs processing in Germany, simply based on any potential staffing issues with the customs offices. I will have a better estimate once orders are handed over to the freight carriers. Stay tuned, and stay healthy!

Update March 4th 2020: The factory in China is ramping up production, albeit very slowly. Workers are still facing issues in getting to work. However I have been able to place a restocking order for standard products that should ship within 3 weeks. Assuming 1 week for transport and customs clearance, resupply of standard Tri-Clamp components (clamps, Tees, Elbows, threaded adapters) should happen around April 1st. My supplier needs more time to complete the custom production items (Dip Tube, Steam Condenser components, GDA Fill heads, etc) so it will be a bit longer for those items, I will update when more information is available.

Update Feb 17th 2020: I have more 57L and new 76L kettles on the way, scheduled to arrive in about two weeks. Luckily I was able to get these shipped in early January. Also, if you need a fitting that is sold out, I may be able to custom weld one for you in our workshop. Feel free to contact me for a quote!

Original Post 14.02.2020

A fairly recent trend in China is to have clusters of manufacturers in one area that all produce similar goods. In Zhejiang province there are a large number of manufacturers of stainless steel sanitary valves and fittings. In fact, our preferred supplier of Tri-Clamp components is located there. So are most of the others! Currently the city where our supplier’s factory is located is under quarantine. Families are allowed to send one person out of the house for supplies every 2 days. Under these conditions, obviously everyone is concerned only about staying healthy and the factories remain closed.

I have been in touch with my supplier and my most recent information (February 14th) is that factories and schools in the area are scheduled to reopen on March 1. Whether this remains the case will depend on the local conditions and decision of the Chinese authorities.

Many of the standard Tri-Clamp components (and a few of the custom developed ones) are not currently available or will soon be sold out in our shop. This also affects other products into which these products are bundled. If something is sold out in the shop please be patient. As soon as the factories are back up and running I will immediately place an initial order via air freight to restock the shop. Depending on the backlog of existing orders with the manufacturer, the absolute earliest restocking will happen in mid to late March.

Please note, I do not have any secret stash of products; all products are sold first come first serve basis. So please don’t ask!

I will update this page with current information as it becomes available.

For us this is a minor inconvenience. But let’s keep things in perspective! We wish everyone in the affected areas to stay safe and take whatever time is needed to recover from this health crisis.